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Harry Potter

Yes, I realize this is way off topic, especially since I haven’t posted anything for a few months now, but I felt the need to blog about this.

On Thursday I’ll be running out the door at 4:45 when I get off work and making the almost two hour drive to Columbus. Why? To go to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter!! As excited as I am, it is definitely bittersweet. I’ve read the book, I know how it ends, but when I finished the book I knew there were still two (as it turned out three) more movies before HP was really finished. I think if everything had ended at once, all the HP nerds would have gone crazy. Even now we have Pottermore to look forward to, so no one can say it is really over. As JK Rowling said, “Whether you come back by film or by page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”  (A quote that makes HP fans want to burst into tears and give JK a hug)

And as much as HP has become part of my life, I got into it way later in the game than most people. By the time I started reading, six of the books and four of the movies were out. I sort of wish that I had picked up these books long before then. Maybe if I could find a time turner…. But, maybe the magic is more in the journey to Hogwarts than it is in the length of time you spend there. If I had read the books before college, my roommate wouldn’t have had anything to badger me about for the first few months we lived together. She was the one who bought the first book for me and lent me her books so I could read the rest of the series. I would say sharing the common bond of HP has made us even closer friends. We’ve done crazy things like go to midnight releases, travel to a wrock (wizard rock) concert (even though it wasn’t officially a wrock concert, but featured a few guys who are in wrock bands and sang a few wrock songs),  and listened to Mugglecast (a HP podcast).

We even read the last book together in a day….that’s right one day. The one thing that I am most glad of is that I got into HP before the last book was released. Never before had I been in a bookstore with as much energy as when I was there at midnight to get the seventh book. Hundreds of people gathered, some in costume, to get their hands on a copy of Deathly Hallows. Once the bookstore employees got the the go-ahead to start opening the boxes, we were all tingling with excitement. My roommate and I began reading the second we got back to her house and continued to read until 4 in the morning. We had our noses stuck in those books every possible second we had. There was a time when we thought we had figured out something and excitedly ran downstairs to her kitchen to get a snack to reward ourselves for being so brilliant (we were wrong). But never before had reading something gotten me so excited. As we turned the final pages (around 4 or 5 in the morning) it began to sink in that this was it. And even as I read the very last page and knew it was over, I still flipped the page over hoping for just a little more. 

But, even with knowing there wouldn’t be any more books, we knew there were still more movies. It let us extend the inevitable goodbyes a little longer. So between the all the HP fans knowing that a chapter in our lives is over and the emotion Deathly Hallows has, now would be a good time to invest in Kleen-x stock.

This really is just a chapter in the legacy of Harry Potter though. The books and the movies are definitely an important part of that legacy, but just look a what has come from that. Wrock, which would not exist without HP, has given nerd musicians a place to do something they love and to have a loyal following on Youtube.  A Very Potter Musical/Sequel, a musical theatre adaptaion of the stories which brought the Starkid folks fame on Youtube. There are conventions, websites, podcasts, a theme park, etc.

Even so, when the credits roll Friday morning, we won’t be thinking about what is to come as much as where we have been. I’m glad I got to be a part of this experience. It’s something our children or their children will read about in history books and think our generation was crazy. Probably so, but we’ll tell them how we waited at midnight for a book or a movie and had some of the best times in our lives because of it.



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