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Totally off topic…

Today’s off topic topic: Censorship in Music

What spurred this topic? Cee Lo Green’s song otherwise known as “Forget You”. For now I’ll stay away from the topic of using certain words in titles that you know nobody can legally say (I’m talking to you $#*! My Dad Says). I have to say that I really like Cee Lo’s song and I do in fact have the version on my iPod called Forget You. (Mostly for the censorship reasons, but also because I feel like “forget” actually fits in better rhythmically.) However this song comes on the radio almost daily at work and it is not the explicit version nor is it my cleaned up version. It’s another version where it cuts out the first word therefore making the song _____ You. The past couple of days I’ve heard yet another version of the song where Cee Lo just sings F You.

And this is where my issue comes in. First of all, there are now four versions of the same song. All exactly the same except for one word. But most of all my issue is if you want to censor a certain lyric, don’t make it sound like you are taking out that certain word. The word ‘forget’ makes sense and if you didn’t know the original word, you probably wouldn’t think about it. However leaving blatant gaps or shortening down the offensive word to the letter it starts with just sends up a red flag that there is in fact something bad there.

Another example of this is Enrique Inglesias’ “Tonight I’m Lovin’ You”. I heard this song on the radio quite a few times before I heard Ryan Seacrest make a refference to another version of the song. I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was until I googled it. Then I heard a version of that song where they leave that blank space where ‘loving’ or the other word would be. That’s when it becomes obvious what word should be there.

Of course I’m not saying we should cover up every bad word with another word. That’s when we would end up with an Orbit gum commercial (“You lint licker!” and “What the french toast?”) But, how about using some common sense?  Don’t use offensive words in your titles. You know, the part that most people know and have to say. That’s when you end up with poor people on TV having to step over your title like they’re walking around a room filled with mouse traps.  And don’t make it so obvious that there is something missing.  I wonder how many four year olds have heard one of those songs and said “Mommy, what does ‘F You’ mean?” Good luck with that one.

And if you’re going to use offensive words in your title, don’t make them songs that would be good for marching band. Seriously, I would love to use Totally F****** for marching band, but I really can’t. Maybe if I just called it ‘Selections from Spring Awakening’, but then there’s google and kids will find out.

Anyway, there’s my little off topic rant. 🙂


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