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I think my computer is all better!

Long story, but I may not have many picutres of food up for a while.

So, last Sunday night I was watching the Oscars in my nice little apartment. It started storming outside and the power kicked off for a bit, so I unplugged my laptop before I went to bed. I had my laptop on my futon with me, so I just stored it on the floor for the night.

5:30 a.m.- I woke up when I heard something fall in my kitchen. I looked out towards the kitchen and noticed light reflecting on the floor. I stood up on my futon and turned on the light. There was two inches of water covering my entire apartment. My poor little laptop was still on the floor, covered in water. Quickly, I grabbed it and my student teaching notebook and put them on my bed. The water was freezing cold, so I grabbed the first pair of shoes I could find: high heeled boots. They went perfectly with my ONU sweatpants. I went out to the kitchen and saw that the water was covering the floor out there as well. I took the time to straighten up my dishes in the sink since I figured my landlord would be over at some point. I quickly realized that the water was rising. I decided to look outside and see what it looked like out there. My poor little house was completely surrounded.

Soon after that my landlord came over and we began taking out my valuable things: musical instruments, laptop, pictures, and stuffed animals. We went over to his house and had breakfast while we waited for any opening to do anything. The water went down by noon, but I can tell by the grass stuck to my walls that it was up to a foot. We started moving as much of my stuff out of my place as possible. They tore the carpet out of the living room and cut off the bottom half of every wall.

How’s the laptop? I’m typing this on it right now! I went home for a few days and brought my laptop with me. I let it dry out as much as possible. I took it apart and blow dried/used a can of air. This all happened last Monday, I didn’t turn the computer on until Friday. It powered on which was  a good sign, but it wouldn’t load Windows. Occassionally it would tell me I didn’t have a hard drive. Either Friday or Saturday, I was able to get into safe mode and pulled off most of my files. So, I was hopeful that even if the computer was gone, I had my stuff. On Monday, I turned on the computer and it took its time, but it started Windows normally. Yesterday, I turned it on and it just started Windows on its own. I even got it connected to the internet. My only problem was that my keyboard was acting crazy. My spacebar worked like the enter key, and the bottom row of letters brought up extra letters. This morning, everything works! Some of those keys are still a little crazy, but they work! Yeah, there’s water damage to my screen, but it works! 🙂


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