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Snow Day #3

Yeah…pretty sure it’s the last snow day (this week anyway) and I’m really glad. My apartment is clean, I’ve cooked all kinds of things, and Facebook has gotten a tad bit boring. 🙂

I actually had to leave my apartment today to go to a meeting with my university supervisor for student teaching and thought I would just pick up dinner on the way home. Well, after having a caramel macchiato at my meeting, I wasn’t really hungry enough, or in the mood, for anything from McDonald’s. So, I just came back home. I finally came up with an idea and here it is!

I bought a red and yellow pepper at Aldi the other night and have been thinking of things to use them for, other than just snacking on. So, I heated some olive oil in a skillet, chopped up the peppers, and added them to the skillet. Once they started to get a little brown, I added some chopped tomatoes, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and basil. Once that was pretty well cooked, I added some chopped spinach. I let that wilt down and then added my cooked whole wheat pasta to the skillet. Then I sprinkled in a little bit of parmesean cheese.

It’s really good! Really the only points in it are from the pasta and the olive oil, so it’s pretty low.

I attempted to make a video for this, but realized after I was done that the lighting was horrible and I cut my head off half the time. So, maybe soon I’ll start adding videos, just not tonight. 🙂

Oh, and I almost forgot! I was watching Regis and Kelly this morning and they announced that they will be starting a Run Across America deal with a runner (totally forgot his name). Why does this make me excited? He’s going to be running straight through Ohio! Once again, why am I excited about this? They are having 5k races to run along with him across the county! Yeah, you know that 5k race that I want to run? Maybe I’ll get to run it with this crazy runner guy and possibly be seen on Regis and Kelly…probably not, but that would be cool! From the route, it looks like he should be pretty close to me if not running right through my hometown! So, that won’t be until about April which is good because the trail I run on is covered in snow and ice.  Anyway, I’m excited!


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