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Snow Day!

Thanks to the crazy weather system moving through the country, I got a snow day today! Just one of those added perks of student teaching. 🙂

So, when I couldn’t get back to sleep, I got up and made french toast. I needed to use up bread and I have been thinking about making some for a while. All I do for my french toast is mix up eggs (I used one white and one whole today, but I’ve done two whites or two whole before as well), a little milk (I actually used a little bit of my caramel macc. coffee creamer with some milk today), and a little cinnamon. Then I place the slices of bread into the mixture and coat both sides before placing the bread into a preheated pan that I sprayed with butter flavored spray.  While the toast was cooking, I fried up a couple of pieces of turkey bacon in a separate skillet.

I’m not a huge syrup fan, but I found some sugar free syrup at Walmart a while ago that I absolutely love. It tasted great!

Be sure to look back later today for my dinner…potato soup! The potatoes are in the crock pot right now! 🙂


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