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I really am horrible about blogging…

I swear every blog/diary/journal I’ve ever had looks exactly like this one. I get really into a blogging mood for a week or two and then totally forget about it for a while. So, if anyone out there is reading this, the dates are not wrong. I really did post a bunch in June/July and then not much until now. I kind of like the idea of taking pictures of my dinner. I live by myself, so when I make something really good, it’s kind of depressing to just eat it and never show it off. So, I think that’s where I’m taking this blog now.

 I would also like to chronicle my running adventures a bit. As you would discover in my blog, I started c25k in the summer but I never got to finish it. I decided for my new year’s resolution that I want to run in a 5k race this year. So, I re-started c25k the first week of January. I was able to start on week 4 and the last time I went out I finished week 6 day 1. I haven’t gotten to get out to run for the past week thanks to crazy weather and a current cold. I’ve been able to endure pretty cold weather up until now, but I’m sorry, a -2 or more wind chill? No, I think I’ll just stay inside. 🙂 The two races I’m looking at aren’t even until May anyway, so I have plenty of time. Part of me would like to just go ahead and do the 10k  that both of those races offer if I think I’ll be able to do that distance by then, but we’ll just have to see if the weather cooperates.

So, hopefully this blogging trend lasts a little longer this time around. If not, I apologize now. 🙂


January 25, 2011 - Posted by | Excersize, General

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