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Olive Garden

I have long been a huge fan of anything Italian. There is not a single bit of Italian blood in me, but I love Italian things nonetheless. Italian food is no exception. So, my family and I went to Olive Garden last night and I looked through the menu to find something that wouldn’t have a bazillion points. I was really tempted to let myself splurge on Lasagna Rollata because that sounded amazing, but I decided to be good and try a new dish of theirs, Seafood Brodetto. OMG! It tasted so good!

Since this had been an unplanned trip, I had no clue what the Nutritional Information (NI) for anything was, but I used my knowledge of dining out tips to weed out the bad food choices. This brodetto, which I had never even heard of before last night, was a marinara, white wine, and saffron broth. No cream sauce, no pasta, just lean protein and some veggies. Turns out I made a great choice! The NI is 480/16/7 and I only ate a little over half of it. My salad and breadstick cost me more points than that! (That’s right, I said “breadstick”. Not plural, I just had one. *Pats on back*)

I would definitely reccommend this dish! I know I’m thouroughly going to enjoy my leftovers for lunch! 🙂


July 28, 2010 - Posted by | General

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