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350 Days!

That’s right, 350 days until I marry the guy of my dreams! I thought I would start this blog as a way to talk about all the wedding planning stress that I’m sure I’ll encounter over the next year. Things are starting to happen and it’s both nerve wracking and exciting! And while I am very excited about the wedding and all the things that come with that, I am even more excited to be married to this guy! Zak is just the perfect guy for me. We are both crazy, nerds, musicians, etc. and we love that about each other. We dated for just over a year and I have known for most of that time that I had found my match. I can’t wait to get to see him every day and to spend the rest of our lives together.

So, as of right now, we have quite a few things taken care of. We have our date (October 25), we have our church and reception space reserved, we just got our engagement photos taken last week, we’ve started our registeries, and our guest list is pretty much complete. Our next biggest project is going to be our Christmas card/save the dates which are done, we just need to order them.  


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Harry Potter

Yes, I realize this is way off topic, especially since I haven’t posted anything for a few months now, but I felt the need to blog about this.

On Thursday I’ll be running out the door at 4:45 when I get off work and making the almost two hour drive to Columbus. Why? To go to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter!! As excited as I am, it is definitely bittersweet. I’ve read the book, I know how it ends, but when I finished the book I knew there were still two (as it turned out three) more movies before HP was really finished. I think if everything had ended at once, all the HP nerds would have gone crazy. Even now we have Pottermore to look forward to, so no one can say it is really over. As JK Rowling said, “Whether you come back by film or by page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”  (A quote that makes HP fans want to burst into tears and give JK a hug)

And as much as HP has become part of my life, I got into it way later in the game than most people. By the time I started reading, six of the books and four of the movies were out. I sort of wish that I had picked up these books long before then. Maybe if I could find a time turner…. But, maybe the magic is more in the journey to Hogwarts than it is in the length of time you spend there. If I had read the books before college, my roommate wouldn’t have had anything to badger me about for the first few months we lived together. She was the one who bought the first book for me and lent me her books so I could read the rest of the series. I would say sharing the common bond of HP has made us even closer friends. We’ve done crazy things like go to midnight releases, travel to a wrock (wizard rock) concert (even though it wasn’t officially a wrock concert, but featured a few guys who are in wrock bands and sang a few wrock songs),  and listened to Mugglecast (a HP podcast).

We even read the last book together in a day….that’s right one day. The one thing that I am most glad of is that I got into HP before the last book was released. Never before had I been in a bookstore with as much energy as when I was there at midnight to get the seventh book. Hundreds of people gathered, some in costume, to get their hands on a copy of Deathly Hallows. Once the bookstore employees got the the go-ahead to start opening the boxes, we were all tingling with excitement. My roommate and I began reading the second we got back to her house and continued to read until 4 in the morning. We had our noses stuck in those books every possible second we had. There was a time when we thought we had figured out something and excitedly ran downstairs to her kitchen to get a snack to reward ourselves for being so brilliant (we were wrong). But never before had reading something gotten me so excited. As we turned the final pages (around 4 or 5 in the morning) it began to sink in that this was it. And even as I read the very last page and knew it was over, I still flipped the page over hoping for just a little more. 

But, even with knowing there wouldn’t be any more books, we knew there were still more movies. It let us extend the inevitable goodbyes a little longer. So between the all the HP fans knowing that a chapter in our lives is over and the emotion Deathly Hallows has, now would be a good time to invest in Kleen-x stock.

This really is just a chapter in the legacy of Harry Potter though. The books and the movies are definitely an important part of that legacy, but just look a what has come from that. Wrock, which would not exist without HP, has given nerd musicians a place to do something they love and to have a loyal following on Youtube.  A Very Potter Musical/Sequel, a musical theatre adaptaion of the stories which brought the Starkid folks fame on Youtube. There are conventions, websites, podcasts, a theme park, etc.

Even so, when the credits roll Friday morning, we won’t be thinking about what is to come as much as where we have been. I’m glad I got to be a part of this experience. It’s something our children or their children will read about in history books and think our generation was crazy. Probably so, but we’ll tell them how we waited at midnight for a book or a movie and had some of the best times in our lives because of it.


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Four Ingredient Cupcakes!

Yep, just four ingredients: a white cake mix, sugar-free lime jello, light Cool Whip, and Diet Mountain Dew.

Sure, it may seem like a random combination of things, but they turned out really well and they’re much more points friendly than your typical cupcake.

All I did was mix the cake mix and the Mountain Dew and baked it according to the package directions. While they were baking/cooling, I mixed a package of lime Jello with a container of Cool Whip and put it in the fridge. Then I just put a dollop on top and that’s it. 🙂

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Totally off topic…

Today’s off topic topic: Censorship in Music

What spurred this topic? Cee Lo Green’s song otherwise known as “Forget You”. For now I’ll stay away from the topic of using certain words in titles that you know nobody can legally say (I’m talking to you $#*! My Dad Says). I have to say that I really like Cee Lo’s song and I do in fact have the version on my iPod called Forget You. (Mostly for the censorship reasons, but also because I feel like “forget” actually fits in better rhythmically.) However this song comes on the radio almost daily at work and it is not the explicit version nor is it my cleaned up version. It’s another version where it cuts out the first word therefore making the song _____ You. The past couple of days I’ve heard yet another version of the song where Cee Lo just sings F You.

And this is where my issue comes in. First of all, there are now four versions of the same song. All exactly the same except for one word. But most of all my issue is if you want to censor a certain lyric, don’t make it sound like you are taking out that certain word. The word ‘forget’ makes sense and if you didn’t know the original word, you probably wouldn’t think about it. However leaving blatant gaps or shortening down the offensive word to the letter it starts with just sends up a red flag that there is in fact something bad there.

Another example of this is Enrique Inglesias’ “Tonight I’m Lovin’ You”. I heard this song on the radio quite a few times before I heard Ryan Seacrest make a refference to another version of the song. I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was until I googled it. Then I heard a version of that song where they leave that blank space where ‘loving’ or the other word would be. That’s when it becomes obvious what word should be there.

Of course I’m not saying we should cover up every bad word with another word. That’s when we would end up with an Orbit gum commercial (“You lint licker!” and “What the french toast?”) But, how about using some common sense?  Don’t use offensive words in your titles. You know, the part that most people know and have to say. That’s when you end up with poor people on TV having to step over your title like they’re walking around a room filled with mouse traps.  And don’t make it so obvious that there is something missing.  I wonder how many four year olds have heard one of those songs and said “Mommy, what does ‘F You’ mean?” Good luck with that one.

And if you’re going to use offensive words in your title, don’t make them songs that would be good for marching band. Seriously, I would love to use Totally F****** for marching band, but I really can’t. Maybe if I just called it ‘Selections from Spring Awakening’, but then there’s google and kids will find out.

Anyway, there’s my little off topic rant. 🙂

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Who says you need a kitchen to cook?

I made an old favorite this morning, overnight oats. Yes, that’s right, I skipped the “overnight” part. Why? Well, I don’t have any of my storage containers over here at my temporary living space and everything in my mini fridge smells a little like bleach. So, I just used instant oats, vanilla yogurt, and diced up a few apple slices this morning. I think it tasted great. No, I didn’t take a picutre, apparently I was hungry. 🙂

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I think my computer is all better!

Long story, but I may not have many picutres of food up for a while.

So, last Sunday night I was watching the Oscars in my nice little apartment. It started storming outside and the power kicked off for a bit, so I unplugged my laptop before I went to bed. I had my laptop on my futon with me, so I just stored it on the floor for the night.

5:30 a.m.- I woke up when I heard something fall in my kitchen. I looked out towards the kitchen and noticed light reflecting on the floor. I stood up on my futon and turned on the light. There was two inches of water covering my entire apartment. My poor little laptop was still on the floor, covered in water. Quickly, I grabbed it and my student teaching notebook and put them on my bed. The water was freezing cold, so I grabbed the first pair of shoes I could find: high heeled boots. They went perfectly with my ONU sweatpants. I went out to the kitchen and saw that the water was covering the floor out there as well. I took the time to straighten up my dishes in the sink since I figured my landlord would be over at some point. I quickly realized that the water was rising. I decided to look outside and see what it looked like out there. My poor little house was completely surrounded.

Soon after that my landlord came over and we began taking out my valuable things: musical instruments, laptop, pictures, and stuffed animals. We went over to his house and had breakfast while we waited for any opening to do anything. The water went down by noon, but I can tell by the grass stuck to my walls that it was up to a foot. We started moving as much of my stuff out of my place as possible. They tore the carpet out of the living room and cut off the bottom half of every wall.

How’s the laptop? I’m typing this on it right now! I went home for a few days and brought my laptop with me. I let it dry out as much as possible. I took it apart and blow dried/used a can of air. This all happened last Monday, I didn’t turn the computer on until Friday. It powered on which was  a good sign, but it wouldn’t load Windows. Occassionally it would tell me I didn’t have a hard drive. Either Friday or Saturday, I was able to get into safe mode and pulled off most of my files. So, I was hopeful that even if the computer was gone, I had my stuff. On Monday, I turned on the computer and it took its time, but it started Windows normally. Yesterday, I turned it on and it just started Windows on its own. I even got it connected to the internet. My only problem was that my keyboard was acting crazy. My spacebar worked like the enter key, and the bottom row of letters brought up extra letters. This morning, everything works! Some of those keys are still a little crazy, but they work! Yeah, there’s water damage to my screen, but it works! 🙂

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Banana Oat Bars

I’ve had two bananas sitting around for a few days that were past the eating stage and needed to be dealt with in one way or another. Originally I thought of banana bread but as I was looking for recipes online I found one that just used oats instead of flour. With a little tweaking from that recipe, I got these…

2 ripe bananas, mashed                     

1 cup old fashioned oats

1 container of applesauce (think lunch sized container)

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla, and a drizzle of honey

1/4 cup almond, pistachio, soy nut, cranberry mix I found at Walmart.

Mix all the ingredients together and spread onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for about 8 minutes.

I think they taste great! They’re kind of a mix between a cookie and a granola bar. And they’re pretty points+ friendly (about 2 from what I calculated). These would be great to have on hand for a quick breakfast or just a nice snack.

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Another Snow Day

I was pretty sure we wouldn’t have school today and I got the text that confirmed that around 8 this morning. We were still on a level 2 alert, so it made sense. Of course I am now in full band director freak out mode. Less than a week before the concert! Eeek! So, today I played some more guitar, cleaned my living room a little bit, and finished watching most (if not all) of the Vlogbrothers videos.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted tonight, but I settled on this. I’m calling it Southwestern Pasta: whole wheat penne, black beans, corn, turkey, and salsa. It was pretty good and the best part is I have leftovers for lunch if we happen to have school tomorrow.

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So, my day off today hasn’t been too productive yet. I thought about doing laundry, but now it’s raining or sleeting or something that doesn’t look fun. I really don’t want to deal with dragging my laundry to laundromat in that. I played trumpet for a while which was fun. (Especially since I don’t play trumpet.) I was surprised to find I can play most of the music the 7th and 8th grade band is playing though. No, not well. Not how I want them to sound. But not bad for a clarinet player. 🙂

Lunch was great. My parents brought me some cheese yesterday. Some good Pearl Valley cheese from Unusual Junction. So, I had to make grilled cheese. It’s sliced diagonally because, really, there is no other way to cut a grilled cheese sandwich. I had it with a side of carrots and a cup of broccoli soup. It made me happy.

What’s for dinner? I’m not sure.  I may need to do dishes before then though. 🙂

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Ice Day and Oatmeal

I woke up this morning and just as I was about to get out of bed I got a text saying we were on a 2 hour delay. This made me very happy. I’ll take extra sleep any time. Then, an hour or so later I got another text. Closed. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a day at home to get caught up on dishes, laundry, and all kinds of other things, but I was a little disappointed. I won’t be at school, technically, tomorrow because we’re taking the 4th grade to an instrument petting zoo. This means that I now have one day less rehearsal time before the junior high band exchange next Tuesday. Also, one day less to spend with the kids before I’m done. So, I’m a little bummed.

But, I decided to take the time this morning to do something I’ve wanted to try for a while now: Homemade McDonald’s style Oatmeal! All I did was take a packet of instant oatmeal, add a little brown sugar, maple syrup, a splash of milk, and hot water. Then I diced up some apples and picked cranberries out of a nut mixture I have. I have to say, it tasted really good and pretty close to the actual thing. I haven’t figured out points yet…I know the McDonald’s version is 7 points+. I would guess mine is close, maybe a point less. Anyway, since I’ll be around the house most of the day I wouldn’t doubt if I’ll have more pictures of lunch and dinner to post later. 🙂

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